Great Ideas: Rent-That-Toy

Ever wished that your child would not tire too easily of their toys? Ever wished that there is someone that would take them off your hands at a fraction of what you paid for. Well you can forget about all that because now you can Rent-That-Toy!

This is a great idea by a Singaporean stay-at-home mum, Elaine Gay. It is an online based toy rental company that offers toys for newborns to toddler, with a large range from Fisher Price, Little Tikes and more. Two or three new toys are added each month, which Elaine sources for locally or on family vacations.

How it works:
The online catalogue has two categories for kids 0-6 months, 6-12months, 1-2 years, and 2 years and above. You can rent the toys for up to a month, or even extend the loan for another month; toys are not for sale though. All the toys are sterilized in a steam sterilizer and fabric toys are washed with baby-safe antibacterial detergent before they are re-loaned

No deposit or membership fee. Toy rentals are monthly, so simply pay for what your rent. Courier fees of $7 to $10 for delivery (within 3 days) to a Singapore address. Cash on delivery

Pay the full retail price for lost or damaged toys

This program is best for every parent. Renting is cheaper in the long-run. Check out the website here.


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2 Responses to “Great Ideas: Rent-That-Toy”

  1. Tina - Mummy Diaries says:

    you shocked me with more new blogs on your profile! just when i thought i had visited them all lol

    yep toy renting would be much better. at least you can send them back and store it there instead!

  2. LadyJava says:

    Hi Tina!!
    hehehe.. what’s one more blog to the list right?? lol!! have you visited my
    Gossip blog at ? lol!! heheh
    Yeah.. renting is the way to go for sure..
    Thanks for dropping by sweetie 🙂

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